Established in 1882 in Romilly-sur-Seine, le coq sportif was a real leading specialist house for sports hosiery


Emile Camuset founded a workshop in Romilly-sur-Seine, France, the main hosiery center of the Aube region.


le coq sportif released the reference number 29, “Maillot Cycliste” the cycling jersey, on its first catalog.


The tracksuit, a pants fitted with elasticated bands at the waist and ankles paired with the matching sweatshirts, was released.


The first rectangular le coq sportif logo “Bonneterie Sportive Romillonne” (Sports Hosiery from Romilly) was registered. It was a woven label designed to be stitched on all garments.


le coq sportif’s second registered logo. The rooster singing at sunrise, supported by the symbolic family triangle composed of the father, daughter and son.


le coq sportif becomes the official supplier of cycling jerseys for the Tour de France.