le coq sportif and CLUB 75
collaboration model release

Launched sneakers in collaboration with the CLUB75 brand from Paris, which has been in the spotlight in the European street scene, and le coq sportif, the oldest sports lifestyle brand in France.

CLUB 75" is a popular French brand, which has lots of experiences in collaboration among world's well-known accounts.
This special collaboration package is a double name of CLUB 75 and le coq sportif showing BLEU, BLANC, ROUGE tricolor and triangle shape logos to emphasize French origin for both brands.
Outsole gum color reminds the vintage image with classical taste in the era of sports shoes expansion.
le coq sportif's symbolic heritage model MONTPELLIER and LCS R800 are the one highly matches its concept, and this collaboration reflects French elegance and brand history of CLUB 75.
Special shoe box is designed only for this collaboration.

28 pxTo commemorate this collaboration, "CLUB 75" members, "All Gone" editor-in-chief Michael Dupouy, and French electro label "Ed Banger" hosted BUSY P, come to Japan, Launch party at le coq spotif avant HARAJUKU.

About Club 75

Club 75 is a cult collective, a brand and a retailer.

Club 75 is the fruit of a collaboration between Parisian three friends : Pedro "Busy P" Winter, Michael Dupouy and So-Me.

The brand is an ode to their hometown, Paris (75 is the area code of the French capital) with a DNA deeply rooted in streetwear, skateboarding and electronic music.

Clothes, graphics and music lovers, the three team up together to deliver quality items aiming at what they would love to wear themselves.



LCS R800 x Club 75QL1OGC22WH

"LCS R800" released in 1991 is well recognized by itsrunning functions but also by its unique design.
It still keeps a strong appearance with its color variation, "made in FRANCE" model and collaboration with worldkey accounts in the fashion scene.
19FW line-up consists of iconic tricolors and French traditional colors based on our season color direction "French Timeless".

Montpellier x Club 75QL1OGC21WH

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Montpellier.
"MONTPELLIER" released in 1999 is highly valued for its classical design and unique colors inspired by 60's training shoes.
Still has strong and attractive appearance as an iconic model with modernized value.